Hakomi Meet & Greet

Join me for forty-five minutes to practice some mindfulness, learn about Hakomi therapy and their rich training portfolio - in English


27 November 2023
15:00-15:45 CET





What we will do?

Hakomi is a gentle yet powerful experiential psychotherapy that uses mindfulness and somatic interventions to support healing and growth. The method builds around a safe and attuned therapeutic relationship. Within this relationship, we engage in a shared exploration of the client’s inner world, using techniques unique to Hakomi that incorporate mindfulness and the body. The therapist functions as a compassionate guide, helping clients explore the effect of their past experiences on their present concerns. The personhood of the therapist is vital in Hakomi, and so is working in accord with the principles.

Join me for the Hakomi November Meet and Greet: you will get a chance to practice some mindfulness together, get to know the faculty, and learn about Hakomi therapy as well as their rich training portfolio.

What goals will we achieve?

Attending the Hakomi Meet and Greet will allow you to:

  • Get information about Hakomi
  • Understand Hakomi and their courses better
  • Find answers to your questions about their programs
  • See if what they offer is in line with your interests

Who is it suitable for?

The course is for anyone interested in Hakomi.

More info

You can find more information and sign up on the Hakomi website.

To register, fill out the form below or call:
+39 335 565 1444


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