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Mindfulness based, experiential and body-oriented psychological support

Hakomi Method & Primary Attachment Therapy



Before we start any deep work together, it is relevant that you know more about who I am: my training, background, experience, and vision. Take a moment to consider if what I can offer corresponds to what you are looking for in this moment of your life.

I arrived at psychology after a 20-years career as a voice and movement teacher and teacher educator. I have a first Masters’ Degree in Latin and Greek Literature, but I have always been working as a singer and musician. I am an expert known in Italy and abroad on a specific approach to music education called Orff-Schulwerk.

The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. Memory is lodged in pictures and feelings in the cells themselves.
C.P. Estes

My Approach

I am mainly inspired by the Hakomi Method in integration with Primary Attachment Therapy.

The Hakomi Method is a sophisticated, deep, and kind approach that targets the body/mind interface. It is rooted in mindfulness.

The Primary Attachment Therapy is a kind of work geared towards bringing up relational modalities that we absorbed very early in life. These “ways-of-being-with-the-other” keep shaping our interpersonal world. They are sometimes at the very core of our sense of dissatisfaction as we encounter the people we love.

When clinically appropriate, my background as a musician and my familiarity with singing, dancing and storytelling allow me to bring an artistic and expressive component into my virtual and in-person work.

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Polyvagal Theory in Action

What makes some people respond effectively and creatively to life’s challenges? What makes them able to re-emerge from pain and difficulties quickly? The answer is the flexibility of their Nervous System.
Polyvagal Theory elucidates how the Nervous System responds to safety or danger inputs detected in the environment, determining our feelings and our narratives about reality.
Wired to Connect is a group program that teaches how to recognize the impact of these processes on our experience and to dialogue with our biology, re-educating it to dwell in a state of regulation.
Our ancestral need for connection – to ourselves, others, and life – can find fulfillment here.
The authors integrate disciplines as diverse as yoga, meditation, or music and structure a path rich with practical tools such as theoretical windows, exercises, and guided immersions in mindfulness. The program’s conduction is simple and accessible to psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, educators, community workers, and health professionals.

In bookshops and on Amazon from March 2022!

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

This book is the Italian edition of the volume by Woods and Rockman, “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Protocol, practice, and teaching skills”, which I translated into Italian and edited. It is a comprehensive guide to facilitating the 8-week program that allows instructors to teach the heart of MBSR.

In bookshops and on Amazon from January 2022!

Meditare con la vita

Mindfulness is a practice steeped in age-old wisdom that, in its radical essentiality, allows us to regain a sense of freedom and control over our own lives. It consists simply of stopping and observing reality in a non-judgmental way as it presents itself to us here and now. It teaches us to dwell in the moment and fully savor its juice.

The book helps the reader become familiar with meditation in its various forms by presenting numerous mindfulness exercises. The emphasis is on transferring the same quality of presence experienced during meditation into everyday life: from daily tasks to relationships to the profession. It concludes with a review of psychotherapeutic models based on mindfulness.

It concludes with a review of psychotherapeutic models based on mindfulness.

What I offer

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