The Embodied Self

An introductory workshop to Hakomi to include the body in the therapy room - taught in English!


19 Gennaio 2024
 - 21 Gennaio 2024


University of Washington, Via del Biscione 95


Early bird until November 30th: €240

Di che cosa si tratta?

We naturally answer the question “Who are you?” by saying our name. We can add details about our profession, where we come from, our age. We never respond: “I am my body… I am my hands, my legs, my chest. I am my heart“. And yet, without our body, without our hands, legs, chest, heart, we, in reality, are not. 

We tend to believe we are what we think. The truth is that from the very moment we are born – and even before – the body shapes the sense that we are. And for the rest of our life, it absorbs information through our interactions with the world. 

Sadly, the body is rarely contemplated as a source of information and inspiration in the therapy room or as a pathway toward healing deep wounds. 

This workshop aims to provide initial skills to encourage practitioners to discover, explore, and awaken the Self in their clients’ bodies.

Che cosa si impara?

Hakomi uses a set of tools that allow paying attention to our clients’ bodies – tensions, impulses to movement, postures, gestures – and working with this material emerging here and now. During the workshop, we will explore:
  • Working with the body: loving presence as the framework
  • Mindfulness and the body: going inside and noticing
  • Introduction to the Hakomi techniques of Tracking and Contacting
  • The body of the therapist
  • The body as a resource
  • The Embodied Self: why the body in psychotherapy


We will pay special attention to the participants’ bodies. As therapists, the ability to mindfully connect with our internal states and track their somatic counterparts is a prerequisite for promoting similar awareness in our clients.

A chi si rivolge?

Counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health professionals, helping professionals, and everyone interested.

Ulteriori informazioni

The workshop is organized by Hakomi Mallorca.

Participation in this workshop counts as a prerequisite for admission to the Hakomi Comprehensive Foundation Module

Hakomi Mallorca reserves the right to cancel or move the workshop online if the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic makes it difficult to travel or offer an in-person experience. In addition, a minimum number of 10 participants is also necessary for the workshop to occur.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a flexible airline ticket and check for news and updates on the status of the workshop here after you enroll.

To enroll: click here


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