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Valentina Iadeluca

Hakomi Therapist
Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology
Master’s Degree in Latin and Greek Literature, History and Archeology


Before we start any (deep and intimate) work together, it is really important that you know more about who I am: my training, my background and experience, and my vision of Counseling in terms of the values I aim to promote. Take a moment to consider if what I can offer you corresponds to what you are looking for in this moment of your life. Your motivation is an essential ingredient for the success of our “team”.

Before developing an interest  in Body-Oriented Counseling, I was a voice and movement educator and music teacher trainer for 20 years. I gained a first Master’s Degree in Latin and Greek Literature, History and Archeology, but I have always been working as a singer and musician. I am an expert known in Italy and abroad on a specific approach to music education called Orff-Schulwerk. This approach emphasizes an experiential pathway to developing musical skills over technical proficiency, and is centered on the creative activation of the person and the fundamental unity of speech, dance and music. Through this professional experience, my interests progressively shifted from music-making and teaching to understanding and supporting the emotional and social experience of the person “behind” the music. This passion became the bridge to obtaining a second Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and completing a 4-year training in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy in Mallorca, Spain.

Beside my formal studies and my own experience as a psychotherapy client, in the last ten years I have been cultivating my personal growth through the constant practice of Meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga and Tantra.

I am currently living in Portland, Oregon, US, where I am working as an intern in the M.E.T.A. Counseling Clinic, extensively applying the Hakomi Method that I have been studying and practicing so far.

My vision of Counseling

You already have everything you need, in order to grow, fully express yourself, and heal your old wounds

I believe that in each person resides everything they need to fully and freely express themselves in their lives. However, very often past experiences as well as pressures from our family of origin, society or culture weigh on us, limiting our perception of freedom and capacity for action in our personal and relational world. As a consequence, we are often trapped into trances, which “live” us, without us being aware.

We will work together to rediscover the sparkle that wants to gleam in you

I aim to make the Counseling room the place where you and I will work together to rediscover the sparkle that wants to gleam in you, and to liberate it from beliefs and behaviors which dim its light.

You are unique. Therefore I will not work with you according to any given agenda

I believe that every human being is unique. Therefore, I will not apply on you any predefined protocols of intervention. I will not follow any agenda. We will make a journey together whose final destination will become clearer along the process. The journey will lead us to know and understand you better.

We will discover your own way of feeling positively oriented in your life

We will try to discover your own way of feeling positively oriented in your life, helping you develop the skills necessary to govern it with its shadows and lights, its joys and suffers.

I am at the service of the discovery process of your true self

I consider you as the best expert about yourself and your experience.
In my perspective my work as a counselor consists in supporting you with my tools and with an attitude of deep respect and kindness, and helping you unearth your true self and gain the freedom to live according to it.