“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”

Lao Tzu

For Individuals

Individual psychological support might be what you are looking for, if:

you are curious to know yourself better and you want to focus on your personal growth; for too long you have been feeling unfulfilled or stuck, circling around the same problems; you are often feeling anxious, scared, sad, mad, dependent on someone or something and these emotions limit your capacity for action in life; you are going through a major change or you are processing a separation or a loss; you would love to have a better relationship with your sexuality; relationships – especially love relationships – are often source of pain and frustration; you lived traumatic experiences, recently or in your past.

Psychological support for moms

Motherhood can be one of the most incredible, intense, beautiful and destabilizing experiences in life. No matters if you are a new mom, a mom of a teenager or if your children already left your “nest”: sooner or later, it happens to all mothers that we say to ourselves “I am not a good mom” and we feel alone or frustrated, weighed by the daunting responsibility to raise, love and teach our kids how to be human.

Psychological support for moms could be helpful for you, both in an individual or group setting, if:

you want to build up more trust in yourself and feel more nourished in your mom role; you want to learn to choose how to act with your child instead of just re-acting; you want your motherhood experience to become a growth possibility for yourself; you want to determine what kind of mom you want to be, instead of applying models that you inherited from the female figures of your family.

Psychological support for couples

You can be in a relationship, married or facing a divorce, you can be committed to faithfulness or open to other experiences, you can be in a polyamorous couple, in a gay couple, in a heterosexual couple: regardless of the kind of relationship you are in, psychological support for couples could be useful, if:

you want to invest in your relationship and love each other more and better; you are experiencing some difficulties and one or both of you struggle with aspects of your relationship; sexuality is not exciting, you are feeling frustrated and you are losing interest; you are in a crisis and you have to decide whether you want to keep staying together or separate your lives; you are divorced with kids and you want to learn how to be good parents together, while not being a romantic couple anymore.


I periodically facilitate groups focusing on personal growth or addressing specific topics such as motherhood, femininity, sexuality, parenting, and mindfulness.

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Social and emotional literacy for kids

Music, Movement & Mindfulness
I teach classes for 3 to 10-years-old children. I use storytelling and picture books as a framework for group activities with voice, dance and creative expression. In this context, music is an experience geared towards supporting children’s development of a clearer sense of who they are and a deeper trust in themselves. The non-judgmental and welcoming environment helps them listen to themselves and others with an open and vibrant heart. They experience the value of mediation and cooperation within the community. This process is punctuated by moments of meta-reflection and mindfulness. The ultimate goal is to sensitize kids to values such as humanity, respect, kindness, empathy and beauty.

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Trainings for parents and educators

Parallel to my work with children, I teach experiential training courses for parents and teachers in Italy and abroad. The topics are similar as in children’s classes, with a shift in perspective, according to the educators’ expectations and needs.

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