Valentina Iadeluca

Hakomi Therapist
Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology
Master’s Degree in Latin and Greek Literature, History and Archeology

I usually see clients in my office in Rome, Italy and in Munich, Germany. However, until July 2018 I will be living in Portland, Oregon, Us to study and work as an intern in a Counseling Clinic where the Hakomi Method is extensively practiced.

If you live in Portland you can find me and contact me through the Clinic website.

If you live far away but are interested to receive more information about my approach or to try on-line Counseling you can send me an email and set a first consultation free of charge.

If you are experiencing a serious emotional emergency and you feel you could harm yourself or others, please consider that – due to the 48 hours it may take for me to call you back – I cannot be for you an immediately available resource. Therefore, in such a case I strongly encourage you to:

  • contact a relative or a friend, tell him/her the way you feel, spend with him/her as much time as possible
  • go as soon as possible to the ER of the nearest hospital.